Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Start By Drawing Pencil Sketches First..."

"Start By Drawing Pencil Sketches First..."
Tips for beginners
For beginners, the most important thing is to take your time. You can not expect to have a perfect hand drawn pencil sketch in an hour. Almost all great hand drawn pencil sketches have taken an enormous amount of time.
Most certainly they have come back to their drawing time and again to change and correct things and have spent more time to get the proportions right.
It can start off to be very frustrating for the beginner. And be assured, most artists haven't done a perfect drawing job first time around, but as you progress with practice and become more in touch with your drawings you will become addicted, and before long you will be drawing everyone and everything.

If you are working from a single piece of paper you will need a flat rigid piece of wood around an inch or two bigger than your piece of paper, which you can secure your paper on using a few pieces of blue tack to secure on each corner, you may not need this as it can be easier without, it's just what your comfortable with. (Do you know what does a good drawing pencil set consist of? Find more information on Drawing Pencil Set).
Okay, are you ready to learn how to draw pencil sketches in a simple step-by-step drawing lesson?

Let's start...

Drawing pencil sketches No. 1 - Pencil drawings of angels - An easy way to have your pencil drawings of angels. Have a look at some examples of angel wings drawings.

Drawing pencil sketches No. 2 - Animal pencil sketches - Provides animal pencil sketches or animal pencil drawings examples and step by step how to learn to draw animals such as a horse, a wolf, tigers, a scorpion, a snake, dolphins and even a butterfly.

Drawing pencil sketches No. 3 - Pencil flower drawings - Provides easy ways to have pencil flower drawings through some flower sketches examples and step by step how to learn to draw flowers. You can start by drawing a Hibiscus sp. in your Hawaiian flower drawing topic.

Drawing pencil sketches No. 4 - Rose Pencil Drawings and Sketches - Learn to draw roses. There are many rose pencil drawings or rose sketches you can draw.

Drawing pencil sketches No. 5 - Pencil Sketches of People - Pencil sketches of people are the most popular art of pencil drawings. There are many categories that you can have a look...

Drawing pencil-sketches No. 6 - How To Draw Cartoon Characters - How to

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