Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rose Garden Location

Your first step in selecting a location for your rose bed is make a quick surveillance of your property and select a site that has complete access to sunlight. Roses require a daily dose of at least six hours of sunlight in order to thrive and blossom. If you are beginning a rose bed for the first time it might be good as well to get some gardening advice and your local garden center should be able to provide a free gardening tip or two.
Rose garden design is not rocket science but it doses require some planning and preparation. The basic gardening tips will also apply. Ensure that the rose plants have adequate space to grow within the rose bed and that you have room to look after the care and planting of your roses. The soil in the area should be well-drained as roses do not like to have “wet feet”. Use only the best quality fertilizer to prepare the rose bed before planting and make sure that this space is cleared of debris.
Roses as we know will grow in almost any type of soil but they prefer fertile soil that is high in organic matter. They also like chemical fertilizers versus organic fertilizers so you should add a quantity of superphosphate to the soil before planting. Choose your fertilizer wisely and don’t be afraid to ask your local expert for their gardening advice.
You can begin getting your location ready for planting as soon as any frost in out of the ground. If you are beginning your rose gardening experience remember the gardening tips from above and clear and clean the area and prepare and fertilize the soil. As soon as the temperature rises you can plant your roses and then wait as the miracle of creation occurs.
During the spring you should water the roses once a week if they don’t get any rain and as the weather grows hotter you should water them more frequently. Monitor your thriving rose bushes for insects and diseases throughout the summer and keep cleaning up the soil and area around them.
In the fall you can still enjoy your roses as they will continue to bloom during September and October. They may need a little care and pruning of dead canes throughout this period but they really do require very little maintenance. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas the plants will begin to go dormant and that is the time to prepare them for winter.
Most hardy roses require little winter protection and pruning your rose bushed is not recommended until spring. A good covering of mulch at the base of the plant will protect them from any frost damage and if you wish you can use rose cones to cover some of the smaller plants. If you do use cones you should cut the tops off them to ensure that they can get good air circulation during the winter period.
Then they and you can get a well-deserved rest until springtime arrives. Then it’s back to basic gardening and maintenance and preparing for the joys of another rose gardening season.

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