Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Drawing a Rose

Here are some trick and tips how to drawing a rose by Hillary Sadur
Drawing a Rose
Software: Ulead PhotoImpact 6 and 7
Author: Hillary Sadur
Home Page: EwaNevaland
PI Projects:
Skill Level: All
Featured Tools: Airbrush, paintbrush. Wacom or other graphire tablet is preferable
Description: This is a fun way to try out your artistic ability. This was done rather quickly and is merely to show you, step-by-step, how to draw a single rose and bud.

Open a 200x400 white canvas, resolution of 600 pixels. Turn on the grid in order to help you with the drawing (if necessary).
Choose airbrush at approximately 75% transparency; color = black; size=1.
Begin by placing a light "+" in the center. Use 1/3 of the top space to outline rose. Use 1/3 bottom area to outline leaf. Then draw your forms and shapes progressively.
Note: Let me also remind you to save your image as a UFO file often.

It's important to be loose in your drawing to just position the forms. Also, if using the Wacom graphire tablet, use just slight pressure in the initial sketching. As you progress, draw quick, short strokes (just as you would with a pencil).
Please note that the drawing step pictures have been reduced somewhat to save space. If you wish, just right hand click and save the picture and the actual size will be saved.

This is when you start adding your detail. Remember, I've adjusted the size of the actual picture for the page; however, the full size is what will be saved.
You may want to choose the paintbrush, color-black; size=1.
BTW, it's important to remember that, if you wanted a drawn rose to look like a photograph, then just take a photo. Play and have fun with this little rose and its bud.

On this one, I added Drop Water and did just a bit of blending. Because this was done quickly, I didn't deal with erasing; however, it could definitely be cleaned up.

On this one, I just played with some coloring and added the Texturizer effect -- Sandstone setting (relief=2)

On this rendition, after I did the black and white sketch, I applied the linear gradient tool set at a medium rose to dark green & applied it diagonally from top left to bottom right, then I applied the Ulead Texturizer, set at relief=2 and colored the rose, using the paintbrush tool set at transparency=0 and 2 colors. I picked green red and chose colors from dark to light to fill in the leaves and rose petals, using the lightest shade for the highlights. The dewdrop was pure white.

I then applied the Blend Emboss filter from FM Filters.

You can always save the image you've been working on as a UFO file and practice coloring techniques.

That's it. Just sign it and claim it as your own!
Good luck and email me if you have any questions.

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