Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mountain Rose Herb

At Mountain Rose Herbs we are proud to be the nations largest retailer of certified organic herbal products. In fact, we believe that when it comes to your health and well being, organics should be your first and only choice. When we review materials, or survey harvesting sites we always take our health, and the health of our customers into very serious consideration. If an herbal product is available in a Certified Organic form, that will be our first and only choice for our products…. regardless of price. After all, it is our health that we are talking about, so why skimp? We are hopeful that one-day soon all the products that you see throughout our catalog will be grown and sold with organic certification, and we are currently forming partnerships with several organic associations and farmers. The point of this is to implement a ubiquitous acceptance of organic herb cultivation and to introduce more of these products to the public. In addition to this a good number of our products are grown biodynamic. To find out more about this please check the web for a multitude of biodynamic articles and organizations. We can never stress the importance of organics enough, so to make things simple we have highlighted why the world needs not just organic but certified organic. There is a small selection of herbal products offered by Mountain Rose Herbs that are not certified organic. In this case, they were harvested in the wild (wildcrafted), thus liberating ourselves from commercial farming dependencies, where chemical use may be employed.
Pesticides? No Thanks!
Organic farming methods often involve more labor but take far less of a toll on the environment and your health. In fact they improve the local ecology through soil building, crop rotation, careful harvesting, assimilation of the local environment and composting. Conventional non-organic crops require large amounts of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers which are directly sprayed on the crops or injected into the ground. This presents serious problems in the form of run-off from the originating farms, and contributes to the contamination of our ground water supply. This residue will also be fed through wildlife by a process that is known as bio-accumulation, forever changing the blueprints mother nature designed. It also neutralizes the composition of the soil creating an "addict"-like dependency for synthetic supplements, which of course lead to an increased use in chemicals. We need to remind ourselves that when we do not buy organic, we are assuming a risk. Not only with the planet but also with our health.

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