Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hybrid tea roses or grandifloras are best for classical long stem roses, but floribundas, shrubs, or climbing roses are a better choice if you want your rose garden to bloom continually.
Climbers on a trellis can create an amazing display of color or hide an unsightly shed.
Roses need well-drained soil. If you have clay, or other soil that doesn’t drain, you may have to create a drain line or plant your roses in a raised bed.
Don’t forget mulch. Mulching around your roses and other plants will make them very happy and reduce pathogen problems.
Purchase hardy roses that are resistant to infestation. These are often the older varieties. You will also find that sturdy varieties vary from region to region. Check with local organic gardening associations to find out what works best in your specific area and under your specific conditions.
Instead of planting your roses in even rows, you can stagger them. By staggering them, you get more roses in a small space without crowing them.

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